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Rita Ora’s curly messy hairstyle: Simply gorgeous!


A hairstyle can make you get out in a new avatar instantly! Rita’s hairstyle is ravishing with most of the hair ringlets covering the face and making a gorgeous mane out of it. The hairstyle comprises of thick curls that have been mashed up with hands still keeping up the style to perfection. The hairstyle is utterly gorgeous and very feminine reminding us of old nineties. Try it for a rock chick party. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Then on wet hair, comb well after applying detangling serum. Now take some hair rollers preferably medium sized and making out thin sections of hair wrap them around towards upside. Make multiple sections and make sure that the hair are wet. They give good curls. Now blow dry over the curlers. Make sure that the heat is given for a nice time so that the ringlets properly form. When done, start opening the ringlets one by one, pulling them longitudinally to make the ringlets fall down. Open up all the curlers one by one.  Now, mash up the longitudinal curls with your hands to give a messed feel to the whole look. Your hairstyle is done! Give a shot of hairspray at the end.

Wassup new:  Fix a single crystal at the side to give a perfect retro look. You look beautiful!

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