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Hairstyle With Springy Curls


Having a hairstyle with springy curls can look completely different from other similar styles. It can be a perfect choice of hairstyle for those who are bored of having a regular straight and dull hair. The process of styling your hair in this way doesn’t need any huge effort or time as it can be created within minutes. This hairstyle can be created on the hair that is straight and hard to style.

Begin the styling process by washing the hair as usual with a moisturizing shampoo and rinse it fully before applying a conditioner. Use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of any tangles or knots and spread a little amount of curl cream in your palms to apply all over the hair. Use a mousse to scrunch into the hair from the tips to the roots. Spritz the hair with a heat protector spray and blow dry the hair with large round brush in sections. Rotate the brush to flip the hair under, go from right to left and finally the back. Take one or two inch section of hair and start curling the hair. Keep the curling iron horizontally and wrap the section of hair around it. Start from the ends of the hair and roll it upwards to the roots. Leave the hair in it for about 10 seconds and release it gently. Use the same process all over the head and you can get help from your friend for this process.

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