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Messy updos: Nineties in fashion!


Models here showed a hairstyle that was quite famous in nineties. A messy updo with a side partition. This hairstyle is one of my favorites and I do it all the time. The hairstyle is nowadays in much fashion and can be worn at any red carpet event or even a simple book launch. To get this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Do not use hair smoothing serums, we need our hair a little frizzy and natural. Comb your hair into a side partition and towards upside so that a height is formed. Comb from both the sides of the partition pin up the hair upwards from both the sides. Collect all hair from both the sides at the back of your head somewhere in the middle or the crest. Twist the hair and fold them upwards so that the tail is towards upside. Pin it below. Now, fold the tail in some twists and pin them into a bun or a French twist or a simple bunny fold. Give a shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is done! It looks peppy and very feminine. Try it.

Wassup new: Attach some colored pins at the back and the sides. Attach some crystals at the lesser side of the partition. Its worth all the compliments!


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