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French Bun


A French Bun is a perfect choice for any kind of special event. It is a hairstyle that can be suitable for any facial shape and it can be worn for casual as well as formal occasions. This is a version of a traditional bun along with the formality of a French twist. Most of the celebrities like to wear this hairstyle and they wear it only for special occasions. Here is a simple method that can help to make this hairstyle at your home.

To create this type of hairstyle, first you must brush the hair completely using a bristle brush to make it fully smooth and to get rid of tangles and also snarls. Pull the entire hair to create a ponytail at any place on your head. A French bun is usually kept high on the head or near the nape of your neck. Start twisting the ponytail to one direction and twist your hair until it becomes a coil around the ponytail. If you find any loose strands tuck it underneath the roll while twisting the ponytail around and it will become tighter to your head. After the hair becomes layered, secure the ends using bobby pins as you twist. After finishing the twist, tuck the end of your ponytail underneath the French bun that was created. At last secure the hair style well using bobby pins and then spritz all over the hair with a finishing hairspray.

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