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Wareshinobu Hairstyle


Wareshinobu hairstyle is usually worn by maiko in the first three years of practice. In this style, the hair will be woven into a bun red silk ribbon which will appear in two places and the bun will be topped along with a decorative buckle kanoko called as dome. The hairstyle which is on the left side of the floral decorations are called hana-Kanzashi and a metal or a silver barrette which is known as Ogi-Kanzashi will be in the shape of the range of suspended metal strips buzzing. The hair must be long enough to create this hairstyle and it cannot be done at home as it is a little complicated one.

In this hairstyle, the hair will be usually twisted into a bun which will be placed on the top of the head and rest of the hair will be twisted into a knot at the base of the neck. The bun will be tucked into and under the top bun. This style is easy to recognize because it will have red ribbons woven through the bun on top of your head and down through the base knot. The ribbon is known as kanoko which means child of deer and it has got this name due to the spots on the fawn’s back. A full-fledged maiko will wear this hairstyle for three years and for everyday wear, it will be decorated along with elements particular to the season or month.

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