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Carrie Underwood With Swirled Half Updo


Carrie Underwood has got a hairstyle with swirled half updo which is one of the beautiful hairstyle that is usually worn by the brides. This style is also liked by most of the celebrities and they wear it only for special events like red carpet. It can be easily achieved by anyone if they have medium to long hair. This is considered to be one of the latest trends in the easy to updo hairstyle which can be a perfect choice for any casual event. It can be created on a bad hair also which you have trouble in controlling.

To get this style, you must wash the hair as usual and then leave it to dry naturally. After the hair becomes completely dry, comb it completely with a hair brush at the back of your head and make sure to get rid of all the tangles on the hair. Add a generous amount of shinning serum all over the hair if it is a little frizzy. Smoothen your hair using a hair brush to get a cushion type hair over your head. Next collect a section of the hair at the temple and then take it off of your face. Secure it using a barrette at the back of your head and keep the hair away from sweeping back off the face to create a trendy look. You can also create curls by adding a little amount of styling wax and divide the curls separately.

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