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Kelly Clarkson With Chunky Highlights


Kelly Clarkson has got a hairstyle with chunky highlights that can be created only by a professional hair colorist or cosmetologist. It can add an element of drama to the hair using different colors and patches of color can be added on the hairstyle which will make a fashion statement. This hairstyle can help to make your hair look completely unique. This type of hairstyling was started in the 1990s which is popular among men and women. Most of the celebrities prefer this hairstyle to add dramatic flair to the hair and there are also different types of chunky highlights which can be used on the hair for a beautiful look. Follow these steps to achieve this style at home.

To create this type of hairstyle, get the right product depending on the length of your hair. There are various steps that can be used to highlight the hair and it can be followed only after consulting a hair stylist. Then match the color with the hairstyle and to get a warm highlights use gold or caramel tones and to get contrasting colors use few shades along with lighter or darker tones. To begin the styling, first wash your hair completely to prevent damage to the scalp. Part the hair as usual before using the highlights and start applying it on the places which you like to make it visible. Try to follow the instructions which are mentioned on the product to get the best results.

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