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Perfect Bun With Hairagami


Hairagami is a styling product that is used to create perfect hairstyles very easily. It is a band that can be purchased to create buns, ponytails and other types of hairstyle. This product is not expensive and you can discover different ways of using it on the hair. Here is a simple way that can be used to create a perfect bun by using a Hairagami. First you must know few basic hairstyles methods before using this product. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice if you don’t like to spend too much time in styling your hair.

Creating a perfect bun can help to create a versatile look which will suit any kind of dress. Using a Hairagami will help to keep the hair away from your eyes. To create a bun using Hairagami, first you must comb the hair to get rid of any tangles and to make it straight. Then keep the Haragami band flat against the bottom of the hair and start rolling it under the hair until it reaches nape of the neck. After reaching the nape of your neck, you can start curling the ends of the band and tuck the ends under the bun using your fingers. Try to fluff the bun using your fingers to create a fuller look. You can also make a spiral bun by overlapping the ends of the Hairagami band to create a twisted as well as more contemporary look.

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