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Interlocking Hair Weaves


Creating an interlocking hair weaves is a very popular hairstyle among African American women. There will be extensions added to the hair with small braids and it is considered to be a low-maintenance hairstyle because it is worn in its natural form without using any chemicals. After wearing this type of hairstyle most of the women will have various options in styling their hair. This style is usually achieved on the hair with extensions and can add length as well as volume to the look very easily. Just follow these steps to create this hairstyle.

To start the styling, first separate your hair from front to back of the head into half inch wide sections. Take half inch section of your hair and the extension together to separate it into three parts. Braid the section starting from front to the back of your head. Then pull out few strands from the extension in different places of your head and clip it away from your braid. Braid the hair till the end of your hair to create hang free hairstyle. Next take the middle strand from your braid and tie a knot twice with the remaining sections under middle strand. Take the strands which were clipped before and make it hang over the rest of your hair. Try to keep both hair extensions and natural hair to blend. This style can be left without any touch up for about 2 to 3 months.

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