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Cap Ponytail


A cap ponytail is a perfect way to keep your hair contained under a cap which will help to keep the hair in place without blowing in your face. It can be worn only to look simple and while playing or watching a sports game outside. If the ponytail has not been placed at the right height, the cap may not fit well over the ponytail which will make you to adjust the hair by taking the cap very often. Here is a simple way that can help to create a ponytail with a cap.

To get this style, leave all of the hair down while using the baseball cap on your head. Move the slider under the hole at the back of the hat to make it sit in a comfortable position. Keep a small bobby pin in the middle of the hole to attach it to the hair before removing the cap. Make sure that the bobby pin is sitting perfectly on your head and then comb the hair to make it smooth using a hair brush. Take the hair at that point on the head in the place where the pin was kept and wrap the ponytail holder around the hair. Now you can put a baseball cap back on and leave the ponytail through the hole at the back before sliding it all the way. Take the cap off again and slide the ponytail in perfect direction to make it look simple.

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