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Four-Part Round Braid


Creating a four-part round braid can give a dramatic look for anyone and it is also very easy to take care. This type of hairstyle is usually worn by people who have medium to long hair and for short hair they can add extensions. In this hairstyle, the outside section of the hair will be braided over the inside part and reach behind to pull the inside part around to the outside. This style can be a perfect choice while going for any special events as it will make you look completely different. You must wind the part of hair on one another to create the braid. Just follow this step by step process to achieve this hairstyle.

To start the styling, first you must spritz all over the hair with water using a spray bottle which will make the braiding process easier. Then comb the hair using a brush into four evenly sized parts. Use the strand on the outside left of the hair, then pull it behind two inside part of hair and in front of the inside-right part. Take the outer-right part of the hair and pull it behind two inside parts, then in front of inside-left part. Now the outer-right part of the hair will become the inside-right part and similar thing must be done to left also. Continue the braiding process until you have braided all of the hair down to the ends and secure the hair using a hair band.

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