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Bardot Updo


A Bardot updo is a beautiful tousled hairstyle that is inspired by Brigitte Bardot style. This hairstyle will look voluminous and unstructured along with lots of loose tendrils. A usual Bardot updo will have more height in the front and a loose along twist or bun in the back of the head. It is also framed with long, layered bangs or a chic silk scarf.

It is very simple to get this hairstyle, first you have to spritz all over the hair with a styling spray. Then use a medium or large roller to roll the hair from the top of your head to back. Once the rollers become cool, remove it comb the hair using your fingers to create a tousle look. Use your fingers to break up distinct curls and backcomb it to add texture as well as height to your hairstyle. Now take all of the hair at the nape of your neck and loosely twist to draw it upward and lie against your head. Use a bobby pin to secure the twist of hair into place. If you have a very long hair, loop the twist around and secure it leaving the ends of your hair free. Look at the updo using a handheld mirror and then pin loose ends into the twist or try to pull some strands to make it look messy. Try to use extra pins to secure the twist and top section of hair.

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