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Messy Side Fringe


A messy side fringe is one of the best ways to style your hair at home. This hairstyle involves cutting of bangs so that it does not hang straight down and it will only sweep to the left or right side of your head. It can be achieved by using a razor along with a smaller arsenal of cutting tools. You can use a pair of shears to complete this hairstyle at home. Most of the celebrities prefer this type of hairstyle as it can give a great look.

To create this hairstyle at home, wash the hair and wrap the fringe over the top of a round brush. Start blow drying your hair while pulling the brush down and to the side where the bangs will be swept. Continue this process as until the hair is dried and then it is swept in one direction of the head giving a side swept look. Next comb through the fringe using a fine toothed comb until two fingers worth of hair is left below the comb. Then grip the bangs in between your index and middle fingers to clamp them around the hair, below the comb. Close the shears and take to the hair which being held beneath your fingers. Cut the edges of the fringe and opening the shears slightly and repeating towards the down of your hair. Now the hair on the side will be slightly longer which will make the bangs to bend to a side.

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