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Haphazard Updo


A haphazard updo is a perfect choice of hairstyle for casual events. This style is usually worn by the hair elegantly pulled back and it also looks feminine yet textured. There is no need to pin straight hair as you can just create this style regardless of natural hair texture. You can also use glamorous makeup to make this hairstyle look great. Most of the celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens wear this hairstyle regularly.

To get this style, first spritz all over the hair with a heat protectant hairspray and then curl two inch wide sections of hair clockwise around the curling wand. Secure the curl in place using bobby pins and follow the same process on the rest of the hair. After securing all the curls, leave the hair for ten minutes until it becomes cool and release it from the bobby pins. Tease random sections of the hair using your fingers and keep the comb against your hair two inches away from the root. Start combing the hair downward and tease only three or four random sections. Create a poof at front of the head using a three inch wide section of hair from forehead and twist the ends to secure it at the crown of your head. Secure the ends of your hair to the head and keep it slightly messy. Finally pull out few wisps of hair and spritz all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to end the styling.

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