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Shakira With Frozen Curls


Shakira has got hairstyle with frozen curls that give her a unique look and it can also look perfect for women who have lengthy hair. This style may also look good if you match it with a winter dress. There are many celebrities who like to wear this style for special events as it gives a beautiful look. Try to create this hairstyle by going to a hair stylist and if you want to get it at home just follow these simple methods to achieve it at home. Get help from a friend during the styling process.

To begin the styling you must use sponge rollers only at night. Get a large roller so that you can create bigger curls and for smaller roller get smaller, tighter curls. Use a bendable stick for natural looking curls and then part the hair into small sections. Next twist the bottom half of the hair around a stick and divide the hair into separate sections. Start dividing each of them into small sections and braid smaller section of hair. Roll it over the scalp to secure it using hairpin and try out steam rollers to get natural looking curls within 15 minutes in the morning. Try to use half inch curling iron to create a small section of hair and leave it for 10 seconds to create these types of curls. Finally try to use a perm in case the hair can control chemical processing.

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