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Ashley Greene With Cascading Hairstyle


Ashley Greene has got a cascading hairstyle that gives her a great look and this style can be a perfect choice if you are attending any formal dinner or a senior prom. There are few steps that must be followed to get this hairstyle along with simple and basic proficiency in styling the hair. Here are few steps that can be useful in creating this hairstyle easily at home without any issues.

To start the styling process, first create a horizontal part four inches behind your forehead which must arch in between the ears similar to a head band. Then take a section of your hair over horizontal part and secure it in a loose bun using non-rubber hair elastic. Now divide the lower portion of the hair into six sections and then hold it in a small loop with a hairpin. Take a section which is closest to your neck nape and wrap it with a curling iron for 10-15 seconds. Send a hairpin down the curl and then lift it near the center of your scalp. Next pin second curl above and one inch left of the first curl. Use the same process to the remaining sections of the hair and pin each curl left and right. Create a ponytail only if required and then hold it in place with non-rubber hair elastic. Finally spritz all over the hair with a little amount of finishing spray to end the styling.

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