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Sakkou Hairstyle


The sakkou hairstyle is said to be a variation of the traditional Shimada style. It is a bun hairstyle that accentuates the nape of your neck. This style is characterized by the hair which is being piled up and then twisted into loops along with one ponytail of hair that will be hanging over the back. It is actually believed to be worn by the married women of the merchant class in the late Edo period. This hairstyle is usually by a apprentice geisha in the weeks leading to their introduction as a full-fledged geisha.

Erikae O Suru ceremony is a special occasion which will be provided by Karyukai where a apprentice geisha turns into a full-fledged geisha and takes place about two weeks before the end of the apprenticeship. The maiko takes an elaborate hairstyle which is known as the sakkou and this hairstyle twists as well as loops the hair as it is pinned to the top of your head. The hair can be adorned with decorations which are relevant to the month and season. The sakkou is also adorned with a silver or gold crane or tortoiseshell decorations and even red ribbons woven through the bun along with silver ribbons at the back. The ponytail will dangle out of the bun which will be giving a very unique look. To achieve this hairstyle one must make sure that the hair is long enough to create twists and loops.

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