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Twisted Ponytail


Twisted ponytail is a regular hairstyle with a twist and it also contains the elegance as well as hair-taming abilities of a standard ponytail. The characteristics a ponytail and twisted ponytail are same, but with additional steps this style can be created to look completely new in a matter of minutes. People who are looking to get a different hairstyle with a simple procedure, this one can be a perfect choice. Just follow these steps to get this beautiful hairstyle.

To start the styling process, first brush all of the hair at the back of your head to create a regular ponytail and keep it as high on the head. The ponytail must be secured firm and snug with a hair band. Next take a large section from underside of the ponytail and divide it into three equal sections. Dividing the ponytail into larger section will help to create a larger braid the section. Secure the end of the braid with a small hair band. Start twisting the divide the sections together covering the hair band and secure it using bobby pins. You can also twist the hair down and around the ponytail to make it look different. Secure the end of your ponytail and the end of the twisted hair together using a small rubber band. At last look out for any loose wisps around the head and secure it properly or spread a little amount of styling gel all over the hair.

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