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Braided Crown


A braided crown is one of the most popular hairstyle among the celebrities which was popularized by Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and others. It is an elegant as well as whimsical hairstyle which is a perfect choice for a formal and casual occasion. You must have proper braiding skills to create this style and also make sure that the hair at least half-way between the shoulder and elbow.

To begin the styling, brush the hair completely to remove the tangles and part the hair in the center. Part the hair again horizontally and clip the above the part. Now separate the horizontal part into three parts. Take a two hair from the scalp line to add it to first part. Pull the first part under the third part and secure it with a pointer and index fingers. Braid the hair downward and about three inches away from your scalp to create a U-formation around the hairline. Follow the same process to braid the hair around the perimeter of your head. Braid the hair at least three inches equidistant between center point of the head and try to use a natural hair-swirl as the center point. Continue the braiding process until it encircles the head and comes to the starting point. Braid the left over hair and then secure the bottom using a non-rubber elastic band. Now your head should have a crown braid and tuck the loose hair under the braid using hair pins.

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