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Thermal Wave Hair


The thermal wave hair is one of the methods of waving and curling a straight hair. This hairstyle can give a very unique look for anyone with medium to long hair. Most of the celebrities prefer this style only for special occasions. It can be a perfect choice for any event in the evening. This style can be achieved by going to hair stylist or you must have a iron to create this hairstyle at home.

To get this hairstyle, first you must have all the equipment for the styling process ready. Know the amount of wave or curl that you want to add in your hair. Next part the hair in sections to start the waving process either on the sides or at the back of your head. This will help to create the waving process without messing up your hair while parting the smaller sections. Try to part the hair in one section into smaller sections and all the sections parted must not be thicker than 1/4 inch. Pull the 1/4 inch section straight up and keep the iron towards the bottom of your strand. Close the shell around your hair and start pulling the iron up to the ends of your strand. Then roll the iron downwards and keep it in outside the hair until it gets hot. Release the iron when the outside of the hair begins hot. Follow the same process to create waves on the other parted sections.

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