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Short Mohawk Hairstyle


A short Mohawk is an attention-grabbing hairstyle which is usually worn by people who have short hair. It is one of the variations of the Mohawk hairstyle that is a most unique way of styling the hair. Some of them will shave the side of the head and others will trim the hair at the sides. This hairstyle itself can be left in a natural and curly condition or even straightened using a chemical relaxer to get a more polished look. Here is a simple and easy method that can help to get this hairstyle without any practice.

To begin the hairstyling with a short hair, first comb the sides of your hair down. Divide the hair which will go up in the Mohawk and then comb this hair forward. Spread a dime size amount of gel all over the hair and slick down the sides as well as back of your hair. Spread another dime size amount of product in your hands and apply it over the sectioned hair. Use a brush to comb both sides of the sectioned hair towards the middle of your crown. Again apply more amount hair gel into your hands to take the two sections of together upwards by pressing the hands together. Keep the hair in between your palms so it catches the gel and holds the hair in place. At last spread a generous amount of hairspray over the Mohawk and make sure apply from root to tip.

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