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Dreaded Bun


Dreaded bun is a hairstyle that is not always looks appropriate or well-received by everyone. This is not preferred by most of the women as it takes lot of time to create it. Most of the time when you are planning to create dreadlocks you will have a more conservative look suitable for a formal occasion. Putting your dreads into a bun can be a stylish hairstyle for anyone with long hair. Make sure the dreadlocks are at least as long as your shoulders to make the hairstyle look perfect.

To begin the styling process, first divide the hair into different sections. Then start putting each section into dreads to continue the styling. After creating the dreads in your entire head, bend over at the waist and then comb the dreads forward to smooth out excessive ridges as well as bumps. Next take the dreads together in your hands and create a ponytail at the desired height. Use a ponytail holder in your hair to get the ponytail and then group bottom edges of the dreads and twist it around the band of your ponytail. Continue to twist the hair until you wrap the length of the hair. Use a large elasticized scarf or ponytail holder or hair band to secure the hair in place. Finally tuck the ends of the dreads that come out of the hairstyle under the bun and mist the hair with a hairspray to end the styling.

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