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Disney Belle Hairstyle


Disney Belle hairstyle is worn by Belle, the main character in the movie Beauty and the Beast. She wears an updo which is liked by most of the people. This hairstyle is mostly liked by kids and it can be worn by teenagers also. It can make you look unique as well as beautiful and it will also go with any type of dress. Here is one of the simple methods that can help to achieve this hairstyle without taking help from anyone.

To start the styling process, first wash the hair completely as usual and leave it dry naturally. Then part the dry hair from ear to ear and leave a section of hair in the front. Next take the rest of the hair to create a high ponytail. Take the front pieces of hair and twist it at the back of your head. Secure them together under your ponytail and in case the hair is too short to take the front pieces back, take it back as far as it goes and pin it. Use a piece of nylon or any flexible material to roll the ponytail and keep it at the base under your ponytail to create volume in the bun. Take the hair over the nylon to cover it and use a gold bracelet and place it around the hair to secure it in a bun shape. You can also use bobby pins to secure the bun for addition safety.

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