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Katie Holmes With Dutch Boy Hairstyle


Katie Holmes has got one of the most unique hairstyle which is called as a Dutch boy hairstyle. This is a classic way of styling your hair which can be a perfect choice for a special event. It is also known to be a very popular hairstyle among the celebrities as most of them wear it on the red carpet too. There are also people who wear a wig that will look similar to a Dutch boy hairstyle, but this is done only by few.  This hairstyle can give neat and polished look and it also be matched with a perfect dress to make it more attractive. You can easily get this hairstyle without getting help from any hairstylist.

This hairstyle is usually tweaked bluntly and kept just over the top of your eyelid. The hair which is at the back of the head will be trimmed in different ways and one of the important thing in this hairstyle is to cut up the hair which is in a higher dimension than the sides which will be slowly angled longer till your chin. It can also be combined along with mahogany tones so you can get an air of authority to the hairstyle. You can create apparent smooth lines on your face which can touch the brows and sides will be measured below your chin. If the hairstyle is unmatched try to use gloss and match it with any type of dress.

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