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Medusa Hairstyle


Medusa is a beautiful girl who was living in a northern area where the sun did not shine. Her hairstyle is known as Medusa hairstyle which is usually worn by most of the people during costume parties or Halloween. Some of them also prefer this hairstyle for everyday wear to make them look more unique. Here is a simple process that can be used to achieve this hairstyle.

To get this style, first part your hair using a comb down the middle from front to the crown to create a left and right side. Part your hair from one ear to other across the crown for a back section and finally there will be three separate sections such as left, right and back. Divide five sections of hair half inch from left side using the comb and secure each section with the elastic bands. Remove the elastic out of a section of hair and include a pipe cleaner. Start braiding the hair along with the pipe cleaner till the end of the hair and secure it using an elastic band. Use the same process for all the remaining sections of the hair on the left side. Now you can add artificial snakes to your hair by wrapping the braids around them and make sure they sit randomly throughout the hair. Bend the remaining braids to look like body of a snake and then adjust the snakes as well as the braids to get the desired look.

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