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High-Fade Faux Hawk


A high-fade faux hawk is a tapered haircut that is usually worn by men with short hair. But there are few women who like to wear this hairstyle if there is short only on few occasions to look unique. You can also create an edgier look by adding a fauxhawk to the fade or try to practice working with clippers if you feel little more comfortable using them. Once you get more comfortable with them, then it will be easy to create the distinctive look of a high-fade fauxhawk.

First comb your hair to get rid of any tangles. Then divide the hair and tie up the hair which is used to create fauxhawk with hair ties. Try hair clips to keep the guidelines for your fade at the side of your head and the guidelines must be set where each layer of the taper will start. Use a barber’s cape around the neck to hold any hair clippings and use length guards to a set of clippers. Start clipping the section below the fauxhawk and keep the size of guard close to the scalp to cut the hair. Start clipping from below the fauxhawk and change guard to a lower size while moving on to the next guideline. Leave the hair that will be used for the fauxhawk and comb the hair out to trim with scissors. After cutting your must have a central strip of hair which will gradually fade all around the cleaner cut sides.

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