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Genie Ponytail


A Genie ponytail is a simple and most beautiful way of styling your hair. In this hairstyle there will be a ponytail that will be placed on top of the hair which can make you look good and it can be achieved only if you have a long hair. This style was first seen in a television show and it was later worn by many celebrities. It will look just like the normal ponytail, but this one will be wrapped in a distance from the scalp to make it look more bouncy and playful.

To get this hairstyle, first brush all of your hair by standing in front of a mirror and bending your head forward. Brush the hair toward the top of your head and keep it in place using your hand. Now take your head upright again by holding the hair and then wrap a covered elastic around your ponytail tightly, close to the scalp. Next take a lock of hair from the flowing section of your ponytail and then wrap it around the base of an elastic. Tuck the end of your lock into the elastic after finishing one full loop around the ponytail base. For people who have short hair can also achieve this hairstyle as they can wrap the ponytail effectively by using a small scarf or length of ribbon in a similar fashion by taking the flowing part of your ponytail from the base as well as scalp.

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