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Renaissance Braid


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A renaissance braid is a very common hairstyle during the Renaissance period because the hair that was braided used to be very easy to care for. Most of the women from the upper class used to wear their hair in braids and left it for several days. Braids are still considered to be one of the most popular hairstyle among women even today.
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Begin the styling by dividing the hair down the middle using a comb and clip one side of the hair away. Take a small section of hair from the front on the side and twist it several times. Take a second small section to twist it downwards just like the first one and cross it over the first twist. Take the first twist and new small section of hair in your right hand and twist this section few times and cross it up on the twist which is held in the left hand. Continue twisting, dropping and crossing the hair until you collect all the hair on the right side of your head. Twist the hair down until you reach the ends of your hair and secure it with a hair band. Follow the same procedure on the other part of the hair that was secure earlier. At last cross both the hair ropes under the base of your head and at the nape of the neck. Wrap it around the head behind the ears and secure it with bobby pins.
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