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Choppy Shag Hairstyle


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A choppy shag hairstyle is one of the most popular way of styling your hair if it is short. Most of the women with short hair prefer this hairstyle as it can also give a tousled look. This style is known for its ability to give your hair body and also reduce the weight of longer hair.
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To get this hairstyle, keep your hair clean by washing it with a shampoo and keep the hair slightly damp. Comb the hair to get rid of tangles divide it into sections such as one for each side, top and at the back of the head. Take the front section and keep it in between two fingers and start cutting it by pointing the scissors toward your head to get a choppy texture. Continue the cutting process on the section that is on top of the head. Cut the hair back of your head a little shorter than the other parts of the hair. Keep layers in your hairstyle to make it shaggy and pull the random portions of hair at the back of your head. You can cut the hair by keeping it in your fingers at least one inch from the end and create shorter layers for a choppier style. After cutting the hair to your desired length, leave the hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer before styling it with your fingers. At last cut any uneven pieces that are left in your hair.
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