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Sasuke Hairstyle


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Sasuke hairstyle is inspired by Naruto, one of the main characters of popular anime series. This style can be easily achieved by going to a hairstylist to cut the hair or you can try it out at home. Most of the fans of Naruto have been trying to get the Sasuke hairstyle and also match it with the perfect costumes. You can create this hairstyle at home, but it may prove to be more challenging than it actually looks.
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To begin the styling, first make sure that your hair is about two or three inches in length. Then cut the hair about half an inch from the top of your head. Leave the front sides and back side of your head as it is without cutting. Now leave the bangs to grow until they come in front of your eyes. At the same time grow the hair in the front left and front right sides of the head till the jawline. Now you can part your hair which is at the front of your head with a comb and extend your bangs upward. Try to create the elevation which is seen in the Sasuke’s hair by using a styling gel. Next spike the hair at the back of your head by straightening it upward and use a styling gel to keep it in place. At last look at the mirror and then spritz all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling.
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