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Stacy Keibler With Barrel Bangs


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Stacy Keibler has a got a hairstyle which is known as barrel bangs that is usually created to increase the volume of your hair. This hairstyle is done using both hot and cold rollers or also with a curling iron which can be used to create the bangs in a large and circular shape. Once you finish the shape of your bangs try to use a comb to brush your hair make it fluff or straighten loose ends. Most of the celebrities wear this type of hairstyle only for special events. Just follow these simple steps to achieve this style at home without wasting your time by going to a saloon.
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To get this hairstyle, start the styling by misting all over the hair with a medium-hold hairspray and then maneuver your hair in the barrel. Roll the curling iron under your bangs and then stop it quarter inch away from your scalp. After taking the curling iron out of the hair leave it for few seconds and then use a brush to comb your hair. Now your hair can be styled using only your hands. You can also get this hairstyle using a roller which is usually done after brushing the hair with a comb to get rid of tangles. Then roll the bangs in the roller and leave it for about fifteen minutes. After removing the roller your hair will become heavy which can be adjusted by using your hands.
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