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Flat-Top Hairstyle


flat-top hairstyleflat-top hairstyle2
A flat-top hairstyle looks very much similar to a crew cut along with more flair. In this hairstyle, the flat top will add length to the hair for a stylish look than cutting the hair close to your scalp similar to a crew cut. This style was trendy during the 1940s for military men because of the short style. It also changed during the period which included slightly longer hair worn that was specially worn by celebrities.
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To create this hairstyle, first consult a barber to get an idea about it as you may feel difficult in achieving it on your own. The haircut will not be an even length across your head and the hair is cut shorter at the crown to compensate with the natural arch in the head for a flat look. Spread a little amount of styling gel onto your fingertips and then apply rub all over the hair. Try to use the finger to flick the hair upward while applying the hair gel to make the hair stand up straight. Then comb your hair upward using a fine-tooth comb to make it stand tall and you may also need to comb the hair upward depending on the length of your hair and hold it in place for few seconds. At last spritz all over the hair with a light-hold hairspray to prevent flyaway hair and use a hairdryer with medium heat to secure the look in case the hair is wet.
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