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Leighton Meester With A Piecey Updo


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Leighton Meester has got a beautiful piecey updo which is a great way of styling the hair for a special occasion. This style is mostly distinguished with wispy and piecey hair which will be collected at the top of your head. It can look less refined than a traditional Japanese formal hairstyle which may suit all. Most of the celebrities like to wear this style only for special events like the red carpet because it can give a very formal look. Many women also like this hairstyle because it can be a center of attraction where ever you go. The hairstyle looks as though it is complicate to achieve but it can be created at home with these few simple methods.
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To start the styling, first you must pull all of the hair up and at the back of the head. Create a ponytail at the crown of your head and also make sure to leave several soft bangs along few strands of hair falling on both the sides of the face. Spread a little amount of texturizing cream all over the hair and especially on top of your hair to create a piecey lock. Start twisting the small sections of your hair randomly around each other and then secure it using hair pins at the end of the styling process. At last add any hair accessory such as a large decorative flower to the hair to make the look more attractive.
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