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Two High Pigtails


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Having two high pigtails can be perfect way of styling your hair to keep it away from your face. It can also give a young and fun look. This style is usually worn by young girls and even adults can wear it to change their look. It is important to keep your hair as long as possible to achieve this hairstyle. The two high pigtails can be modified into two buns to make the hairstyle look simple.
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Begin your styling by brushing the hair completely with a paddle brush to get rid of any tangles and then smooth out the surface. Divide the hair into two parts from the center of the head using a parting comb. Next bind your hair on the left side of your head using an elastic hair band to keep it out of the way during the styling process. Now take the hair on the right side of your head and brush it up to the top towards the right side of your head. Take the gathered hair taut and then use a brush to smooth it down closest to your scalp. Use an elastic hair band to wrap it around the hair at the scalp and then brush the hair which hangs down. Separate the secured hair into three sections and braid them together. Secure the hair with elastic at the base. Use the same procedure to style the other part of the hair that was secured in the beginning.
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