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Dreaded Updo


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A dreaded updo is a very unique way of styling your hair. This hairstyle can be very difficult to achieve for most of the women, but it be left without any styling for a long time. It can also give an exciting experience for those who are planning to change their look. Make sure to get help from a friend while creating this style at home as it may reduce the time and effort. Here is a simple way to get this style.
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To create this hairstyle, first wash the hair and leave it to dry naturally. Then part the hair into different sections and secure them individually using a rubber band. Wrap the hair around a rattail comb to create twists by taking two strands of hair. Start rolling each section of hair in between the palms of your hands to make the dreads look polished after twisting them. You can also use other methods to create the roll the hair such as backcombing method where the hair will be combined back towards the scalp,  While twisting each section of the hair add a little amount of wax. You have to wait for few months to develop dreadlocks. Once the dreadlocks have grown long enough spread a generous amount of hair gel and hairspray to sculpt some of the dreads. You can also make even more intricate version of this look with colored hair extensions and also dreading them as well.
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