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Italian Hair Taping


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The Italian hair taping is a hairstyle where the hair will be bound to the head with ribbon or tape. You can also use a Benda which is a length of silk or linen veil which will be used for covering or wrapping with the hair. This is a very easy way to wear the hair because the weight will be evenly distributed over your head and ribbons will create a soft way of attachment. This hairstyle was started during the 1300s and it can be worn in two different ways.
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This hairstyle usually involves twisting strands of your hair around long pieces of ribbon. The hair will be twisted only for hair taping and never will be braided. It will be left long to look similar to a fancy braid or wrapped around the top of your head to look like a crown and wrapped in a low oval at the back of your head just like a bun. To create this hairstyle, make sure that the length of the hair at least medium to long. Then you must have 2-3 feet of ribbon which is mostly used is white or you can also use any other colored ribbons to make the style look attractive. Use large blunt tipped needle to wrap the ribbons around the hair and secure it using hair clips or elastic. After wrapping the ribbon around your hair cut the end of the ribbon which over flows.
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