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Modified Undercut Hairstyle


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An undercut hairstyle is usually associated with Goth and punk subcultures. This hairstyle can also be altered to make it look different and one such styling method is known as a modified undercut. It is a perfect choice for women who have thick hair as it will make it completely manageable. The hair will be cut shorter underneath and longer on top of the head just like it is done a normal undercut hairstyle. This style can be worn by men as well as women.
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There are different versions of this haircut such as short, medium and longer. The shorter version will end just below your chin which is perfect for a slimmer face. The medium version of the hairstyle will usually end two inches or below your chin which is great choice for a rectangular face along with strong features. The longer version of this hairstyle will end just above your shoulder which can be perfect choice for slimming down a rounder face. Before starting the cutting process make sure to keep the hair slightly damp which will help to divide and cut the hair. Divide the hair into different layers which can be placed anywhere on the head. Start cutting the bottom layer of hair first and if you are having more than two layers keep each layer longer than the last and shorter than the next. The length and number of layers will usually vary as per your desire.
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