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Scenester Hairstyle


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A scenester hairstyle is a way of styling your hair with bangs that will be formed in front of the head. The bangs will be cut at an angle and the hair will be colored in black or dark brown. Some of them also cut the back of the hair short along with bangs and then create a spike at the side of the hair using a gel. This hairstyle may look good on someone and not look so good on others. This issue can be cleared by standing in front of the mirror until you make it look good on you.
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To get this style, first wash the hair and condition it properly for extra volume. Then flatten your hair using a straightener and mist all over the hair with a root lifting spray. Take a large section of hair away from the scalp tease it inward toward the scalp using a comb. Next part the hair on one side of your head and spritz hairspray all over the hair including the bangs. Use a comb to tease the hair a little more for extra volume and keep the bangs short or long as per your desire. If you have a shorter hair, then tease the hair with a comb and make sure that the layer the hair at the back and side to create a spike on top. Finally spread a hair gel over the hair to hold the spikes in place.
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