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Yaki Ponytail


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A yaki ponytail is a hair extension that can add several inches of length to the hair. The yaki hair features a solid color hair or ponytails along with highlights and it is available in curly as well as straight textures. It can be used to create ponytails for young girls and older women. It consist of two combs and drawstring around the ponytail opening which allows the users to slide it on and off with a little hassle. This is a simple process to make the ponytail look longer.
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To get this style, first smoothen your hair to create a ponytail at the back of the head using a brush and then wrap elastic ponytail holder around to keep it in place. Slide the yaki ponytail into your ponytail through the opening and pull the hair down for comfort by reaching the wisps of hair. Include the yaki hair comb into your hair around the ponytail holder and keep the top comb above the elastic ponytail holder. Leave the bottom comb into the hair just below the elastic ponytail holder underside of your ponytail. Slightly pull the drawstring to close it around the ponytail to complete the stabilization effect. You may also need to wind it around base of the ponytail or it may hang below the length of the ponytail. A yaki ponytail is usually created by people who have short hair and are looking to create a long ponytail.
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