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Hair Donut Bun


hair donut bunhair donut bun2
A hair donut bun is a very unique as well as easy way of creating a beautiful hairstyle. Styling the hair into a bun can be irritating for some of them and it can also consume more time than other styles when you are doing it for the first time. Using a hair donut can be perfect if you want to create a bun within minutes along with an elegant style.
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It is easy to get this style, select the correct hair donut for your hair which is available in three different color option such as blonde, brown and black. Get the hair donut that matches best to your hair color. Then brush the hair with a comb to remove tangles and use a hairspray to mist loose strands of hair. Next brush the hair back of the head to a desired position and secure it with a ponytail holder. Take the donut and wrap it around the top of your ponytail. The donut must look similar to a giant ponytail holder. Pull a section of hair over the top of the hair donut and use a hairpin to secure it to the other side of the donut. Use the same process until you cover the entire donut with the hair. At last wrap the remaining strands of hair around base of the bun and hold it in place with hairpins. Spritz all over the hair with a hairspray for more hold.
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