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Cascading French Braid


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Cascading French Braid is a beautiful way of styling your hair for special occasions. It has been used for many years as it can give an elegant look that keeps the hair out of your faces. Braiding is considered to a quick way of styling the hair which can be left for days. Here is a simple method that can help to achieve this beautiful hairstyle.
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To create the Cascading French Braid, first part the hair to a side of the head and use bobby pin to secure it in place. Brush the rest of the hair to separate small sections from it. Start dividing the hair that was pulled to a side into three equal sections only after removing the bobby pins. Cross one section over the other to braid each strand and add hair from the crown of the head into the strands while braiding. Try to include a small section of hair out of the braid while adding the hair in it each time to create the cascade appearance. Next braid the hair slightly down and across the back of your head. Continue to braid the hair until the braid has crossed your entire back of the head which should end a few inches below the place where you had started the braid on the other side of your head. At last secure the ends of the braid with bobby pins which should hold hair out of the face and also look elegant.
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