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Waterfall Ponytail


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A waterfall ponytail is one of the most unique ways of styling your hair which can look great if you have long hair. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for many special events and it can also be altered to create different types of hairstyles. There are few simple and basic steps that must be followed to get this hairstyle which help to achieve this style in a matter of minutes.
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Use bobby pins, back combing comb, shine serum, shine serum and shine serum for styling. Start the styling process by separating the hair from top of the crown to the ears. Then divide that part of the hair at the top and clip it to the side which will be used to create the waterfall. Hold the ponytail in place with a rubber band using the separated hair at the back of your head. Take the hair from the back and add it into the secured ponytail to strengthen the base. Now back comb the hair at hair line of the roots to create volume and add the back combed hair into the ponytail. Brush the remaining hair and back comb all of the hair. Leave the waterfall hair to fall at the back of your head over the ponytail and brush through your hair to make it smooth. Secure the ponytail and tease the hair with a  vented brush. Finally spread a shine serum all over the hair to add some shine.
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