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JRock Hairstyle


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A JRock hairstyle is a perfect way to make your hair look edgy. This style is very common among JRock, a subgenre of rock music which was started in Japan. The hairstyle is worn along with perfect makeup, clothing and fashion as it is a part of the visual effect of the performances. It is most often asymmetrically cut and stick-straight in different directions. This style can be created by yourself at home by just using the proper styling tools, products and procedure.
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Before starting the hairstyle at home, you must go to a salon to create short layers on the top as well as back of your head. Next wash the hair as usual and towel dry the hair. Then spritz a heat-protectant spray all over the hair and use a flat iron to dry the hair. Run the iron through the hair to make it stick straight. Divide the bangs from rest of your hair by parting them off using a comb and sweep more hair to one side than the other side. Take a two inch section of hair on top of the head and keep it straight up. Mist the hair near the roots with a maximum-hold hairspray and tease it near the roots with a comb. Create spikes on top of the hair as well as on one side of the head. Finally apply a hair gel between your fingers and spread it all over the hair.
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