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Twisted Braid Hairstyle


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A twisted braid is a very beautiful way of styling the hair. This hairstyle has been popular for a long time and it is used by people of different cultures. The actual braided hair varied from traditional styles as it passed down from a generation to another. This hairstyle may look very simple to create, but it consumes lot of time. The hairstyle doesn’t need everyday styling and it can be worn for a long period of time.
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To create twisted braid, first wash and condition the hair as usual. Then rinse the hair thoroughly and brush it with a comb to get rid of tangles. Take a section of hair just above the right ear and divide it into two equal parts. Start braiding the two pieces of hair around each other and secure it with a ponytail holder. Use the same procedure to braid the other side of the head above the ear. Start adding the right twist into hair on the right side and left twist into the hair on the left side. Continue the braiding process as usual and then take the left third of your hair over the center third. Now bring the right third over the center and then right over the center. At last take the ponytail holder out of the hair when you reach the bottom of the hair and continue the braiding until all of the hair is braided. Then use ponytail holder to secure the hairstyle in place.
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