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Topsy Tail


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A topsy tail is a fancy method to achieve a very simple and beautiful hairstyle. This style can be created without using any proper tools and it can change a boring hairstyle into an interesting hairdo. The hairstyle usually takes around five minutes to create and with practice you can also make it less than the actual time consumed by this style. It can be a perfect choice for a casual event and to make it look more attractive wear a dress that matches the hairstyle.
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It is very easy to get this style, first brush hair completely with a comb to get rid of any tangles and pull the hair to create a low ponytail. Secure it with elastic hair band at the nape of your neck and keep the band loose. Create a hole in the center of your gathered hair using the thumb and index finger, right above the hair band which should be large enough to fit the entire ponytail. Start twisting the long hair from the ponytail at the base of your hair band to make the hair slide through the hole. Flip the hair upward using the other hand and through the hole above the hair band. Slowly pull the ponytail through the hole and straighten any stray hair. Make sure that the band is still snug and in case the band starts to slip from the hair gently push upward towards the head to make it tight.
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