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Veronica Lake Hairstyle


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Veronica Lake was one of the most glamorous actresses of the 1940s who used to have a very beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle will have long curls all over the head which can be achieved with curlers by following a simple method. Anyone with medium to long hair can create this hairstyle without getting help from a professional hair stylist.
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Begin the styling process by washing your hair and dry it with a clean towel. Spread a little amount of styling gel all over the hair and comb it through to get rid of tangles. Section off a small piece of hair from the front of your head and roll it onto the first curler. Start rolling the hair carefully until you reach the head and secure it with a bobby pin. Next section off another small portion of the hair behind the first roller and continue the sectioning until all of the hair is in curlers. Now your hair should be rolled away from the face on top of the head and your hair should be rolled downward on the sides of the head. Leave the hair on the rollers for few hours and use a silk scarf to secure the curlers. After the hair becomes completely dry, spritz a little amount of hairspray all over the hair to get more hold. Remove the curlers gently without damaging the hair and run your fingers through the hair to create a tousled look.
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