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Crimped Ponytail


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A crimped ponytail is one of the easiest ways of creating a hairstyle that looks simple as well as unique. A usual ponytail will never go out of fashion at any time and a crimped ponytail was popular during the 1980s where it was worn at the side of your head. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it is very simple to create and it can also make you look beautiful without going to a hairstylist.
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To achieve this style, first wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and condition it. Take a crimping iron with ridges which are close to create a tighter crimped look. Spritz a heat-protecting spray all over the hair and comb it through hair to distribute the spray evenly. The spray can also prevent damage to the hair that is caused by heat from styling tools. Next brush all of the hair at the back of your head and secure it using a fabric-covered elastic band. Start crimping the ponytail from top to bottom by placing it in between the crimping iron plates. Squeeze and then release the plates after 3-4 seconds. Crimp the hair below by sliding the crimping iron down. Continue crimping your hair until the complete ponytail gets a wavy look. At last spread a little amount of anti-frizz serum in your hands and distribute it all over the hair which will prevent the hair from getting frizzy.
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