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A medieval braid was one of the most popular hairstyle of the medieval period. Most of the women try to wear this hairstyle even in the present day as it can make them look very unique. During the medieval period, women used to wear this style up or down in braids and it was also matched with the right costumes. To get this hairstyle, just follow these simple steps.
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Start the styling process by taking a ribbon to include it with the hair. Use the ribbon over the top of your head, down to the bottom and right side of your hair. Now divide the hair where the ribbon hangs such as one section to the front and other section toward the back of your head. Secure the hair with a bobby pin where the braid will start. Cross the first section over the ribbon and cross second section over the first section. Continue to braid the hair in this way till the end of the hair. Next loop the ribbon around the end of your braid and then tie a knot to secure it in place. Use the same process with the hair that is on the other side of the head and take the bobby pin out which is at the top of your head. This hairstyle can also be created without using a ribbon and to make it look unique try to add any hair accessories such as flower.
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