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Maintaining Block Braids


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Creating block braids can make you look completely different. This style is usually achieved by going to a hairstylist as it is a little complicated to create at home. Even though this hairstyle is created by a hair specialist, you must maintain it properly to make it look fresh and healthy. The hairstyle can make the hair look stylish while you grow it out and try to give some attention during this period to make it look good. Here are few simple steps to maintain block braids in a proper way.
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First spread a little amount of all-natural oil to the scalp at least 2-3 times a week which will condition your braids and keep them softer. Spritz a conditioning braid spray all over the braids which can also help to condition your braid by adding moisture to the hair. When the braid looks frizzy, try to mist all over with a hairspray before going to bed and after getting up in the morning. Use a silk or satin scarf to cover the braids before going to bed which can prevent frizziness and also keep the braid smooth as well as fresh. Wash your braids once a week using a shampoo and spritz a leave-in conditioner all over your hair. Avoid using creamy conditioners as it may make the hair feel waxy from the buildup. At last redo your braid at at least once in every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid breakage and thinning to your hair.
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