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Box Braid Bun


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A box braid bun is a very unique way of styling your hair. This hairstyle needs lot of practice of create and to make it look good get help from a hairstylist. It is a popular hairstyle which can give the flexibility of wearing braids and it can be styled in different ways. The braids in this hairstyle are not attached to your scalp which offers movement and it can also last longer than other braided styles.
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Start the styling on a clean hair and then divide it into four equal sections. Create tiny part in the first section and part the hair. Braid the hair from first pinch and take three sections, then cross the left section under the middle section. Put the right section under middle section to create a braid. Continue to braid the entire section starting from the root to tip. Secure the hair using a tiny black rubber band and create a second part from first section for braiding. Continue to braid the each sections of hair that was divided earlier and finally you will find more than hundred box braids. The smaller the parts of the braid will helps to create smaller box braids and it usually takes several hours to create the box braids. Now you can take the entire braid on top of the head to create a bun and secure it with elastic band. Try to mist the hair with a hairspray to avoid flyaways.
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